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Welcome to a new level of algorithmic automated trading. We at Alumnus Capital develop financial products for the fintech industry.

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Wealth Management Performance

Enigma 2.2

Enigma 2.2 is adjustable to the requirements of our financial partners, which are using our product tailored to offer it as a white label solution to their customers.

As online banking solutions are still growing into new service levels, there is a strong demand for easy to adapt products to support the demands of the markets.

With our current modular product line we are ready to full fill your customer needs.

Here several samples of different settings of our algorithm.



will be updated shortly


will be updated shortly


Enigma 2.2 is has to be seen as an add-on to a existing balanced portfolio or investment strategy. It should not be used as a sole investment solution. In this combination your customers will benefit form your overall guidance and it gives you additional options for cross-selling other products of yours.


White label

White label

You are looking for investment solutions for your customers, which you can market under your brand?
Then get in touch with us to see how our white label solution can be integrated into your business environment.

Enigma 2.2 ..

… is adjustable to your requirements in terms of what you expect from an implemented trading algorithm.

… can be integrated into any given technical environment.

… opens you additional reliable income streams.

… jumps into a current vacuum in the market, which is looking for a higher annual performance than the normal interest rates offered today.

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Alumnus Capital

Our customers

The changes in the last two decades within the financial market made it more difficult for financial institutions to get their products sold to their customers. The customers all over the world are tired of the same old products hiding in new packages. With Enigma 2.2 you start to surprise your customers in a positive way, which is giving you back their trust and confidence in you as their council.

Our target audience are banks, asset manager, family offices, broker and fonds.

Below we going to start to list our customers, who are using our services.




Private Investors


If you are a private individual who is looking for investment opportunities, please get in touch with one of our customers.
Below you can find a list of our active customers:





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